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What is AMEC Employer?

You'll hear us refer to ourselves as a 'truly global company'. And we mean it. We created a company that transcends geographic borders and nationalities. Why? Because it makes good business sense. Our customer base is global. So is our network of suppliers. Our investors hail from multiple continents. And, we've already got some of the best technologists in the world on our team. As a new 21st century capital equipment company, we thrive on internationalism. It suits our business model, it suits our customers and it certainly suits our ambitious team members who believe that our future growth and expansion depends on attracting the most talented and knowledgeable employees in the world — wherever they may be.

At AMEC, we hold fast to a set of simple values.

We're technology-focused
Our success depends on providing advanced technology solutions with economic innovations. Our technologists not only work on the most cutting-edge equipment; they're 'inventing' the next generation of semiconductor processing technology.

We're dedicated to ensuring IP integrity
We are engineering breakthroughs that will drive the next generation of integrated circuits. This means that we're creating some of the most sophisticated and valuable technology in the world. We're proud of our growing IP portfolio and dedicated to ensuring its integrity.

We're committed to creating value for customers and other stakeholders
We're in the business of helping our customers increase productivity and reduce their manufacturing costs. That's how we provide value. We know that their chips are fueling the technologies that are transforming our homes and workplaces, and empowering our world. And, we feel fortunate to play a small but critical part in that value chain by supplying advanced and affordable equipment to speed those chips to market. We also provide value to our investors who stand to gain from the long-term returns of a nimble business model and our industry-leading operational efficiencies.

We're stringent about quality
If we have a mantra, it's 'Quality, Quality, Quality'. Because, in our world, quality is what drives our success. That's why we apply the highest standards to everything we do. It starts with product conception and extends to stellar support on the fab line. No compromises.

We're focused on delivering exceptional customer service
We know that strong, sustained customer relationships are dependent on exceptional service. That's why we built a novel close-to-the-customer regional service infrastructure staffed by highly experienced local engineers to provide top-class support. Our goal is not just to fix problems; it's also to help prevent them.

We promote a culture of respect
We believe in communicating and we thrive on diversity of opinion. That's how we innovate and remain competitive. For those reasons, we insist on an environment that fosters respect, collaboration, appreciation, and trust.