Prismo HiT3®

MOCVD solution for deep UV LED mass production

The Prismo HiT3® system is engineered to mass produce deep UV LEDs with excellent process performance. It enables the growth of high-quality aluminum nitride and high-aluminum component materials. With a maximum reactor chamber temperature of 1400 Celsius degrees, the system can process up to 18 2-inch epitaxial wafers per run, with extendibility to 4-inch wafers, making it one of the highest throughput tool of its kind in the industry.

Product Features

  • Enabling technology to grow high temperature AIN and UVC LEDs
  • Excellent epi yield, with industry-leading efficiency and uniformity
  • Novel design features for high quality and high AlN growth rate
  • Innovative in-situ, real-time monitoring system
  • Process temperature up to 1400℃ with excellent temperature uniformity and stability
  • Highly stable and automatic vacuum transfer to prevent particle generation
  • Fully automatic process with user-friendly interface

Competitive Advantages

  • Excellent process performance and wafer uniformity
  • Complies with highest semiconductor industry standards
  • Low cost-of-ownership (CoO) and easy serviceability
  • Superior UVC LED wafer capacity and long PM cycle