MOCVD stands for Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition. It's a technique used to deposit thin layers of atoms onto a semiconductor wafer. With MOCVD technology, many nano-layers can be deposited with exceptional precision, each layer featuring a controlled level of thickness to create a material with specific optical and electrical properties. MOCVD is the core process technology used to build light emitting diodes (LEDs) for solid-state lighting applications, as well as power electronics devices.
AMEC has deep expertise in MOCVD technology. The company launched its first MOCVD system, the Prismo D-BLUE® in 2013. The advanced system quickly earned the trust of customers for its manufacturing flexibility, production efficiency and product performance, as well as its easy serviceability.
In 2016, AMEC added the Prismo A7® system to its family of MOCVD tools. The new addition builds on the innovations found in the Prismo D-BLUE tool, and includes new features that further improve productivity and process performance. The tool is installed at leading LED manufacturing sites across China.
The Prismo HiT3® system is engineered to mass produce deep UV LEDs with excellent process performance. It enables the growth of high-quality aluminum nitride and high-aluminum component materials.
In less than 3 years, AMEC has achieved the dominant market position by offering a combination of advanced technology as well as deposition expertise and process knowledge to its customers.

AMEC has developed a single CCP machine and two ICP machines, which can cover 90% of etching applications