AMEC pioneered the first Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) air purifier developed in China and targeted for industrial use. The product features an integrated electronic cabinet and a design that meets stringent SEMI safety standards. A unique in-situ VOC monitoring function enables remote real-time monitoring and smart control. The tool, which can be customized and scaled to address diverse treatment capacity needs, offers a stable, reliable, safe and energy-efficient VOC removal solution. The product is widely used in LCD production lines in China to improve clean room environments.

VOC Air Purifier

VOC air purifier for industrial use

Product Features

Compact footprint

Integrated electronic cabinet and simplified system layout

Composite design for process fans to ensure continuous, efficient operation and generate maximum energy savings

Complies with IEC safety requirements and associated standards



Competitive Advantages

Patented in-situ VOC monitoring functions

Multiple smart-control modes for optimum energy savings

High VOC removal efficiency with lower maintenance requirements

Can be customized and scaled to address diverse treatment capacity needs

Multiple parameter model design engineered by professional CFD team