The Primo Twin-Star® system is AMEC’s advanced 300mm etch product based on Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) technology. It is a cluster tool that can be configured with up to three dual-station chambers and two optional on-board integrated strip chambers. Each dual-station chamber can process one or two wafers at the same time with highly uniform and identical results. The ICP coils employ AMEC’s proprietary low capacitive coupling 3D coil design which enables more independent ion density and ion energy control. The electrostatic chuck has multi-zones with independent and dynamic temperature settings which enhances CD control. The chamber interior is coated with high-density plasma-resistant material for more robust process repeatability and more steady productivity. The product is intended for etching Si with various CD and depths in CIS and power device, and thin conductive/dielectric films for various logic and DRAM IC devices. It has significant cost advantages compared to single-station chamber product.

Primo Twin-Star®

Cost-effective etch solution for FEOL/BEOL conductive/dielectric film etch applications for IC devices

Products Features

Dual-station chamber design

Low capacitive coupling dual 3D coil design

High pumping speed with large capacity turbo pump (TMP)

Dual-zone gas injection

Precise chamber wall and RF window temperature control

Advanced plasma-resistant interior coating

Dynamic temperature-controlled ESC

13M or 400k pulsing RF biasing

Integrated dual strippers

Competitive Advantages

More independent ion energy and ion density controllability

Higher pumping conductance for wider process window

Excellent etch uniformity

Superior profile control for high aspect ratio application

High th