The Prismo HiT3® system is engineered to mass produce deep UV LEDs with excellent process performance. It enables the growth of high-quality aluminum nitride and high-aluminum component materials. With a maximum reactor chamber temperature of 1400 Celsius degrees, the system can process up to 18 2-inch epitaxial wafers per run, with extendibility to 4-inch wafers, making it one of the highest throughput advanced tool of its kind in the industry.

Prismo HiT3®

MOCVD solution for deep UV LED mass production

Products Features

Enabling technology to grow high temperature AIN and UVC LEDs

Excellent epi yield, with industry-leading efficiency and uniformity

Novel design features for high quality and high AlN growth rate

Innovative in-situ, real-time monitoring system

Process temperature up to 1400℃ with excellent temperature uniformity and stability

Highly stable and automatic vacuum transfer to prevent particle generation

Fully automatic process with user-friendly interface

Competitive Advantages

Superb process performance, simplified process adjustment and improved production yield

Up to 18x2” epitaxial wafers per run with low production cost

Integrated lid lifting mechanism, simplified tool maintenance and improved equipment utilization