ESG Policies

AMEC produces premium high-technology products and services, as well as providing industry-leading performance in environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance. These pursuits are in line ...

ESG Organizational Structure

The Board attaches great importance to ESG governance. It has established an ESG Committee and a three-level (decision-making, management and implementation) ESG organizational structure to lead ESG gover...

ESG Report

Based on the seven ESG strategic essentials, in the ESG report, AMEC described its effort and achievement on supporting environmental protection, promoting industry development, protecting employees’ rights, fulfilling social responsibilities and improving governance mechanism from the seven aspects of product innovation, green development, industry health, people-first, lawful governance and steady management. The report also showed AMEC’s determination to strengthen the ESG management in further, promote society development and create a better life for all humans.

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