The Primo HD-RIE® system is AMEC’s latest-generation dielectric etch product, launched in 2015. Based on Primo SSC AD-RIETM platform with six etch processing stations capability to maximize productivity, the tool is designed to provide comprehensive solutions for middle and high aspect ratio (HAR) structure etch. New features include: High power synchronized RF pulsing, high power and high temperature ESC, gas pulsing, multiple-zone gas distribution, cooled focus ring process kits and enhanced lid temperature control. Primo HD-RIE has superb performance in middle and high aspect ratio (HAR) etch for 3D NAND and DRAM applications. The tool has already been deployed for critical applications in mass production.

Primo HD-RIE®

Innovative solutions for NAND and DRAM semiconductor device fabrication

Products Features

Dedicated gas delivery and pumping for each processing station

Multi-zone gas feed and dual-zone ESC temperature control

High power and high temperature ESC

Gas pulsing system

Synchronized dual-level RF pulsing (bias and source) with high bias power to enhance ion energy

Stable lid temperature control

Cooled focus ring process kit option for prevention of wafer extreme-edge etch unopen

High upper/lower electrode area ratio for middle and high aspect ratio (HAR) structure etch

Competitive Advantages

High dielectric material etch rate, multiple functions for etch uniformity tuning

High power synchronized dual-level RF pulsing, high ion energy to enlarge process window

Gas pulsing system with flexible process control and enlarged process window