AMEC KML has started its business in Korea under the name of AMEC Korea since Oct. 2007. Its office is located in Bundang, Gyeonggi-Do with a very small number of employees. It has now changed to AMEC KML, expanding the business responsibilities beyond Korea and also supporting US customers.AMEC KML has a main office located in Osan, Gyeonggi-Do, and has several site offices in Yongin, Cheongju, and also Campbell, SanJose in US serving customers in the semiconductor industry and adjacent high-tech sectors.AMEC KML is an entrenched supplier of dielectric and TSV etch tools, helping chipmakers build cutting-edge devices working with top-tier customers, and also MOCVD tools are deployed in volume production by leading manufacturers of UV LED in Korea.In addition, AMEC KML provides immediate technical solutions for customers through the local R&D Lab and protecting customer’s information/data through regular and proper security education.